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Why Ohio Seniors Need an Ohio Elder Law Attorney Who Is Also an Advocate

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Ohio elder law attorney explains why your attorney must also be your advocate. Call (740) 653-3450 in Lancaster, Dublin, or St. Clairsville to schedule your FREE consultation.

If you’re an Ohio senior or approaching your “golden years,” your legal concerns are becoming more complex and challenging. Whether it’s managing your estate, planning for long-term care, or ensuring your wishes are respected in end-of-life care, an Ohio elder law attorney can guide you through these intricate legal matters.

But did you know that the right elder law attorney can do more for you than just provide legal advice? Your attorney can serve as your advocate, guiding and supporting you in achieving your goals and protecting your rights.

At Jarvis Law Office, our primary focus is protecting Ohio seniors and those who love them, and we guide you every step of the way. Contact our experienced elder care law attorney team at (740) 653-3450 or online to schedule your FREE consultation today.

Continue reading as we share how choosing an elder law attorney who also acts as your advocate can make a big difference in safeguarding your rights and interests.

Understanding Elder Law

As we age, we’re often confronted with legal issues and challenges that we never had to consider during our younger years. From deciding how our assets should be handled after our passing to planning for future healthcare needs and long-term care, the legal landscape can be complex and overwhelming. This is where elder law comes into play.

Elder law goes beyond estate planning by considering the specific circumstances and considerations that seniors face.

Its purpose is to safeguard the rights, well-being, and independence of older adults, ensuring that their wishes are respected, their assets are safeguarded, and their future is protected.

Understanding the Role of an Advocate

An advocate is a person who represents your interests and speaks on your behalf. In the case of seniors, an advocate can help you navigate the complex legal system to safeguard your hard-earned assets, fight for your rights, and protect you from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

The Crucial Role of an Advocate in Elder Law

While all elder law attorneys can assist with legal document preparation and standard legal advice, an elder law attorney who is also your advocate plays a far more extensive role.

This attorney actively stands up for your rights and represents your interests, going beyond simply drafting documents and offering legal counsel to help you navigate the broader challenges of aging. Here are a few of the ways an elder law attorney can advocate on your behalf:

Estate Planning

An elder law attorney who serves as your advocate goes beyond the standard tasks of drafting wills, setting up trusts, and navigating probate laws.

They take an active role in ensuring your estate planning reflects your true wishes, defending against any external pressures or influences that could jeopardize your intended legacy.

Your advocate works tirelessly to protect your interests and preserve your estate according to your wishes.

Long-Term Care Planning

When planning for Ohio long-term care, your attorney doesn’t just help you understand the intricacies of Medicaid.

As your advocate, your attorney actively negotiates with care providers and insurance companies, upholds your right to quality care, and intervenes in disputes to ensure your interests are always at the forefront.

Care Navigation Planning

The need for memory care planning is becoming more apparent in an increasingly aging population. For example, if you or a loved one receives a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia, you are confronted with a wide range of decisions and preparations that need to be made.

At Jarvis Law Office, we recognized this crucial need and launched our Care Navigation program. We understand the emotional toll and unique challenges memory-related conditions can present to families, and our program is designed to navigate these hurdles with compassion and care.

As your advocate, we offer emotional support, ensure you or your loved one’s rights are respected throughout the care process, and push for the best possible solutions and arrangements in your unique situation.


Establishing guardianship is complex and can involve potential disputes within the family. As your advocate, an elder law attorney takes a stand to protect your best interests, navigating emotional challenges and potential disputes with delicacy and firmness.

This could mean contesting guardianship or fighting for your rights if you are being abused or neglected.

Veterans Benefits

An elder law attorney can act as a strong advocate for senior veterans and their families, ensuring they have access to the veterans benefits they are entitled to.

An attorney who advocates for you will fight for your rights, represent you in disputes, and navigate any bureaucratic challenges or obstacles that may arise.

Fraud Prevention

Seniors often find themselves targets for financial scams and fraud. An elder law attorney can serve as your advocate by identifying scam tactics and staying updated on emerging risks.

Your attorney can help set up protective measures, review financial documents for suspicious activities, and implement safeguards. By empowering you with information and strategies, they reduce your risk of exploitation.

Finally, advocacy also includes cases of potential elder abuse, disputes with nursing homes, or disagreements with family members when it comes to your care.

Aging is an ongoing process, and your needs and circumstances may change over time. An elder law attorney who advocates for you stays by your side, offering ongoing advice and adjustments to your legal strategies as needed. They can help you respond effectively to changing health conditions, family situations, and financial circumstances.

If you’re a senior in Ohio looking for an experienced elder law attorney to serve as your advocate, we encourage you to contact us at Jarvis Law Office. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of aging with dignity and respect.

Experience the Difference of Advocacy with Jarvis Law Office

Are you searching online for an “elder care attorney near me” in Southeast Ohio? We know that finding the right advocate is crucial for your legal needs. Our experienced and compassionate elder care attorneys offer more than just legal advice.

We are committed to standing up for your rights and providing the peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated advocate by your side.

At Jarvis Law Office, we protect Ohio seniors and those who love them. We offer FREE consultations, in-person workshops, and monthly webinars for Ohio seniors and their families.

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