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Jarvis Law Office Announces Memory Care Planning for Ohio Families

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LANCASTER, Ohio―Jarvis Law Office, an Elder Law, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection firm with offices in Lancaster, Dublin, and St. Clairsville, announces the launch of its Memory Care Planning Program. Specifically designed to help families in Ohio care for their loved ones, the program addresses three principal goals:

  1. Focus on a family loved one’s good health, safety, and well-being;
  2. Make dependable decisions regarding a family’s long-term care needs while keeping their goals in mind; and
  3. Offer viable financial solutions in paying for long-term care.

“We understand how difficult it can be for families to navigate the complexities of elder care,” says Tim Jarvis, founder of Jarvis Law Office. “Our mission is to provide families with the support and guidance they need during this challenging time.”

The Memory Care Planning program provides families access to a wide range of services to help them make informed decisions about their loved one’s care. From providing legal advice on guardianship issues and Medicaid planning to helping secure home health aides and finding appropriate living arrangements, Jarvis Law Office offers comprehensive assistance every step of the way.

“Our team at Jarvis Law Office has years of experience in elder law,” adds Jarvis. “We understand all the legal aspects involved and can provide sound guidance throughout the entire process.”

The Memory Care Planning program encompasses dementia care planning and special needs planning. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, a progressive brain disorder that gradually destroys memory and the ability to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate, and engage in daily activities. Jarvis Law Office helps families in this situation plan for long-term care expenses, estimate the cost of care and protect assets from the costs associated with nursing home or in-home care, prepare legal documents, explore available resources in the community, and provide case management to help alleviate stress for caregivers and effectively manage the varying stages of a loved one’s disease.

For families of a loved one with special needs, Memory Care Planning guides them through important considerations such as guardians, a special needs trust, a summary of our wishes, an ABLE account, SSI/SSDI, Medical Assistance for Workers with Disability (MAWD), and a last will and testament.

Regardless of their situation, Memory Care Planning offers Ohio families the resources to manage their long-term care expenses. From reviewing existing insurance policies to exploring Medicaid eligibility options or filing veteran benefits claims, Jarvis Law Office has the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients find financial solutions that work best for them.

“At Jarvis Law Office, we believe no family should have to face these challenges alone,” says Jarvis. “Our team is here to provide them with the necessary tools and resources so they can focus on what matters most – taking care of their loved ones.”

For more information about Jarvis Law Office’s Memory Care Planning program, please click here.

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Jarvis Law Office is a law firm that provides Elder Care and Estate Planning services to seniors and the aging population. We have decades of combined experience helping families develop estate plans, long-term care planning solutions, special needs trusts, and more.

When you work with us at Jarvis Law Office, we will provide you with caring legal counsel from an experienced elder law attorney who understands your situation as it relates to the present and how it can affect generations into the future.

We have spent decades serving our seniors in and around Lancaster, Dublin, and St. Clairsville, Ohio. Our goal is to help protect you and your family today while preparing for unforeseen circumstances tomorrow. At Jarvis Law Office, we know time waits for no one, which means neither should your Estate Plan!

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