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Protect Your Family! Don’t Write a Blank Check to the Nursing Home

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Jarvis Law Office is committed to helping seniors navigate their latter years with legal tools and advice that protect them from the kinds of financial drains that typically impact those who are not prepared. By requesting a free copy of Protect Your Family! Don’t Write a Blank Check to the Nursing Home, you can learn about the steps you can take right now to protect your assets and your family from the high cost of a nursing home.

What You Will Learn in This Valuable Resource

We all know that we might need nursing home care one day. Whether it’s a cognitive decline or physical impairment that prevents us from living independently or being cared for by a family member, needing full-time care is a possibility for each and every one of us. This reality means that the more we do to prepare for the possibility now, the more control we have over our lives—and our hard-earned savings—later on. When you get a copy of this free book, you will read about important topics such as:

  • Options for senior living
  • Finding a caregiver
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Qualifying for Medicaid to pay for a nursing home
  • What an Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diagnosis means for families
  • Veterans Administration benefits
  • Making end-of-life decisions
  • Revocable and irrevocable living trusts and which makes sense for you
  • Options available for long-term care planning
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