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Jarvis Law Office, P.C. Attends Annual Elder Law & Estate Planning Conference

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Lancaster, OH―Chief Operating Officer Hope Spangler and Nicole Spangler, Operations Manager with Jarvis Law Office, P.C., traveled to Tampa, FL from February 23rd – 25th to meet with 40 other leading elder law attorneys, financial advisors, and key staff from across the nation.

Presentations focused on offering top-quality planning services for clients, families, and caregivers of those with a dementia diagnosis. Guest speakers included Julie Steinbacher, a leading elder law attorney across the United States, Dr. David Bernstein, who has over 40 years of experience in geriatric medicine, and Don Quante, a leading expert in effective long-term care policies across the world.

Networking events and open feedback sessions allowed each attendee to engage with the other leading professionals in attendance. Steinbacher feels there is much to gain from professional networking events. “To get all of these like-minded professionals together in one room is invaluable,” she says. “The knowledge shared at an event like this can certainly transform a practice to serve the needs of its clients better. At the end of the day, that is what we are striving to do: effectively and efficiently assist our clients in preparing them for their second half of life.”

Hope and Nicole Spangler agree. “At Jarvis Law Office, our mission is protecting seniors and those who love them,” says Hope Spangler. “Nicole and I are always seeking opportunities to develop our knowledge of elder law to ensure our firm remains current on these vital issues. The chance to network with like-minded professionals, attend feedback sessions, and learn from the exceptional guest speakers at this event enables us to share what we’ve learned with our staff and equip our senior clients and their families with strategies tailored to their needs. We look forward to applying this knowledge to serve our clients in the Lancaster, Dublin, and St. Clairsville areas.”

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About Jarvis Law Office

Jarvis Law Office is a law firm that provides Elder Care and Estate Planning services to seniors and the aging population. We have decades of combined experience helping families develop estate plans, long-term care planning solutions, special needs trusts, and more.

When you work with us at Jarvis Law Office, we will provide you with caring legal counsel from an experienced elder law attorney who understands your situation not only as it relates to the present but also how it can affect generations into the future.

We have spent decades serving our seniors in and around Lancaster, Dublin, and St. Clairsville, Ohio. Our goal is to help protect you and your family today while preparing for unforeseen circumstances tomorrow. At Jarvis Law Office, we know time waits for no one, which means neither should your Estate Plan!

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