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What Is A Power of Attorney?

Understanding how future events may unfold is often difficult; however, with powers of attorney, you can be prepared for any circumstance. These legal documents enable a person you select to make critical decisions about your health and finances if you’re ever incapacitated.

Appointing a power of attorney means your chosen proxy will have the capability to attend to your healthcare issues and oversee your business and financial operations.

When Should I Contact a Powers of Attorney Lawyer?

The right time to consult a powers of attorney lawyer is now. Our knowledgeable powers of attorney lawyer is available to help you draft these documents today.

General and Healthcare Powers of Attorney

Types of Powers of Attorney

Many people in Westerville make it a point to include both general and healthcare powers of attorney in their detailed estate plans. Ohio’s legal system treats these documents as durable, meaning they continue to be effective after the grantor becomes mentally incapacitated.

General Powers of Attorney

In Westerville, the attorney with experience in powers of attorney plays a fundamental role in constructing these documents, ensuring they are consistent with Ohio’s current legal mandates and the client’s individual preferences.

The general power of attorney often termed a financial power of attorney, provides legal authorization to an individual named as an attorney-in-fact or agent. This agent’s responsibilities, as defined in the power of attorney, commonly include handling a variety of financial and business concerns.

The attorney-in-fact is enabled to manage bank accounts, engage with financial institutions, facilitate property transfers, and administer matters relating to the principal’s financial interests.

Healthcare Power of Attorney

A healthcare power of attorney, also termed as a medical POA, is a unique legal form that delegates to the attorney-in-fact the prerogative to make healthcare decisions on the principal’s account.

This extends to choices about medical care, end-of-life preferences, and the financial aspects of medical care. The agent’s prerogative to make healthcare choices is initiated when the principal is recognized as mentally unfit and incapable of making competent decisions about their own health.

A Westerville power of attorney can also include options for a standby agent to intervene if the initial agent is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties. The document can be specified with clear instructions and boundaries on the agent’s extensive authority, upholding the principal’s best interests.

Limited Power of Attorney

When you need to confer authority upon another individual for a specific endeavor or deal, the legal codes of Westerville, Ohio, sanction the creation of a limited power of attorney. This document confers upon your chosen proxy, also known as an attorney-in-fact or POA agent, the legal power to act strictly in accordance with the guidelines listed in the document.

For example, one might use this document to empower a person to manage a solitary transaction involving real estate on your behalf. Nevertheless, the agent’s authority is circumscribed by the explicit limitations stated in the POA document, which restricts them from performing any actions or making decisions outside what is defined in the power of attorney.

This document may also be equipped with particular instructions and clauses to ensure your interests are well protected. It must be noted that a limited power of attorney is operative only for the specific functions and time period delineated, with the agent legally charged with acting in your best interests within that framework.

Reasons to Include Powers of Attorney in Your Estate Plan

Powers of attorney are vital components of your estate plan. With powers of attorney, you will:
  • Avoid guardianship
  • Designate a trusted person to manage your affairs
  • Ensure the fulfillment of your financial and medical needs
  • Have a plan in place for your loved ones

Is Your Current Power of Attorney Powerful Enough? Is it even Valid?

Different powers of attorney exist for varying needs. In Westerville, Ohio, the legislative or state-sanctioned power of attorney document is somewhat restrictive in the powers it conveys to your agent. If your intention is for your Agent to undertake only select responsibilities or if your trust in the appointee isn’t whole, considering this option might be beneficial.

If, however, you require your agent to perform comprehensively, just as you would, the statutory power of attorney will not be adequate for your needs. It’s often the case that individuals need counsel on which powers to incorporate in the document to fulfill their own and their family’s needs should they become incapacitated.

With Ohio’s Uniform Power of Attorney Act having been in place since March 2012, any power of attorney established prior may lack legal standing. At the least, it’s likely not reflective of your needs now, years later.

Therefore, it’s advisable to have your power of attorney reviewed by a Westerville, Ohio, attorney to confirm it upholds legal standards and aligns with your future intentions. If it’s not up to par, your POA attorney can draft a new one for you.

Choosing an Agent for Your Power of Attorney

As you seek an agent for your power of attorney, focus on identifying imperative qualities. Aim to choose a person who will responsibly handle the power and who understands their duties, including the need to make key collaborative decisions.

Typically, this person should be someone nearby who is known for their detail-oriented approach, ability to handle difficult situations, and commitment to follow through. It’s often a good idea to nominate secondary agents as backups should your initial choice become unavailable. Talk over your agent candidates with your lawyer, who works with powers of attorney.

Powers of Attorney and Your Estate Plan

In Westerville, it’s against the law for your agent to take steps that would harm your established estate plan. The pivotal reason for developing an estate plan is to ward off any confusion, miscommunication, or unforeseen issues that may arise, causing speculation about your assets and your intentions.

Ensure that everyone is on the same page by having your Westerville powers of attorney lawyer create your estate plan. Then, the attorney can review it with your agent if you wish. Contact us today and schedule a consultation to take the first steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Power of Attorney (POA), as defined under Ohio law, is a legal document that confers legal authority to an appointed individual, known as the agent or attorney-in-fact. This authority empowers the agent to act on behalf of the person executing the POA, commonly referred to as the principal.


In the context of estate planning, a POA serves as a crucial tool that allows for the designation of a trusted individual to oversee vital matters. These matters can extend across a broad spectrum, encompassing financial and business matters, healthcare decisions, and even interactions with financial institutions.


The agent’s authority, as laid out in the POA document, can range from managing bank accounts and transferring real estate to making critical healthcare decisions, such as end-of-life care and medical treatment. The scope of this authority is typically defined by the principal’s needs and the current Ohio law.


An essential aspect of a POA under Ohio law is its potential durability. A durable POA, whether it be a durable financial POA or a healthcare POA, maintains its validity even if the principal becomes mentally incapacitated. This durability ensures that the agent can continue to make financial decisions or healthcare decisions on behalf of the principal without the need for court intervention.


However, creating a POA requires the principal to be a mentally competent adult capable of understanding the implications of their actions. It’s important to note that under Ohio law, the POA automatically ends if the principal passes away or if a court invalidates it.


In the hands of a knowledgeable Westerville power of attorney lawyer, a POA can be drafted with specific instructions and stipulations tailored to the principal’s best interests. The attorney can ensure the POA complies with the legal requirements set forth in the Ohio revised code and can provide vital legal information to the principal.

A General Power of Attorney grants broad powers to the agent, allowing them to handle various financial and legal matters on behalf of the principal. This includes managing bank accounts, real estate transactions, and legal proceedings. Unlike limited POAs, general POAs are comprehensive and do not have specific restrictions.

While a General Power of Attorney focuses on financial and legal matters, a Healthcare Power of Attorney is specific to healthcare decisions. It grants the agent the authority to make medical decisions on behalf of the principal if they are unable to do so. This ensures that the principal’s medical preferences are honored, even if they cannot communicate them.
A Limited Power of Attorney restricts the agent’s authority to specific tasks or transactions. This could include managing a particular property, handling a business matter, selling a car, or any other limited scope defined in the document. Limited POAs are useful when the principal only wants to delegate authority for a specific purpose.

Having a Power of Attorney in place provides peace of mind and ensures that someone trusted by the principal can manage their affairs if they become incapacitated. This can help avoid the need for court-appointed guardianship, streamline decision-making, and protect the individual’s interests according to their wishes.

Consulting with an attorney, especially one specifically focused on elder law and estate planning like Jarvis Law Office, ensures that the POA is drafted correctly and complies with Westerville, Ohio’s legal requirements. An attorney can help customize the document based on the individual’s unique circumstances, minimizing the risk of misunderstandings or legal challenges.
Yes, a well-crafted Power of Attorney can be a valuable tool in Medicaid planning and asset protection. It allows the agent to manage financial matters, making it possible to engage in strategic planning to qualify for Medicaid benefits while protecting assets. The knowledgeable Power of Attorney lawyers at Jarvis Law can assist in creating a comprehensive plan tailored to the client’s needs.

Please note that the information provided here is general in nature and should not be considered legal advice. It is recommended to consult with an attorney from Jarvis Law Office to obtain personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.

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