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What is Memory Care Planning in Columbus, Ohio?

The diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s in someone you love can be an emotionally draining and overwhelming experience. Observing changes in your loved one’s behavior, abilities, or care needs can be unsettling for all parties involved. It’s essential to plan and prepare for the impending changes and challenges.

We understand that you and your loved one might be uncertain about the path ahead, and it’s natural to feel anxious as you attempt to foresee future implications and obstacles. That’s why we’ve utilized our many years of experience assisting families with these matters to create a thorough Memory Care Planning program that caters to the needs and objectives of individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s and their loved ones.

When should I contact a Memory Care Planning attorney?

You should contact a memory care planning lawyer as soon as you or your loved one gets a diagnosis to ensure that your legal, financial, and healthcare affairs are in order, as well as to protect your assets and secure the appropriate care for your future. Early access to a memory care planning attorney also allows the affected family member to play an active role in the decision-making process to the greatest extent possible. At Jarvis Law Office, we help you navigate memory care planning in Columbus, Ohio, ensuring you or your loved one experiences appropriate care, support, and dignity throughout their journey.

Memory Care Planning Services

Power of Attorney For Finances

Your Columbus memory care planning lawyer will likely recommend a power of attorney for financial and property management. You will name an agent to manage finances if you or your loved one become incapacitated or need assistance, as some of us do as we age. This person will be able to step into your shoes fully or walk beside you and handle all the same things you can regarding legal and financial decisions and actions.

With this document in place, your family won’t have to petition the court for guardianship or conservatorship. In addition, you would then not have to worry about someone you don’t trust stepping in to make the decisions. Instead, you will hand-select the person, which promotes a more seamless process and allows you to let them know what your wishes are for the future. Your attorney will discuss this document with you and the importance of naming one or two successor agents in case your first choice isn’t available.

Power Of Attorney For Healthcare

Your memory care planning attorney in Columbus, Ohio can assist you in preparing a healthcare power of attorney document. The individual you select will be responsible for making health-related decisions on your behalf, including agreeing to or declining medical care. If your first choice is unavailable, it is advisable to have one or two alternatives who can act as your healthcare proxy.

Many residents of Columbus opt to include a HIPAA release in their durable power of attorney document, allowing your healthcare agents and others you designate to access your medical information. Without this form, your agent and family members may lack crucial details. Your attorney will guide you through these documents and help you identify the best candidates for your healthcare agent role.

Living Will

A living will lets you dictate the kind of medical treatment you wish to receive as your life comes to a close. This document allows you to decide if doctors can administer life-sustaining treatment and, if so, the kind of treatment you’re prepared to undergo. Even when you’re unable to express them, a living will ensures your medical decisions are respected, while relieving your loved ones of the responsibility of making these choices.

Update Your Estate Plan

Part of memory care planning involves revising your estate plan. Your lawyer can examine your existing estate plan to determine whether changes are necessary. You should ensure that your estate plan is fully established before dementia progresses. If you become legally incapacitated, you’ll lose the ability to alter or annul any documents. It’s prudent to act now with the counsel of a Columbus, Ohio estate planning attorney to ensure proper management of your assets and provide future guidance to your decision-makers.

Three Goals Of Memory Care Planning

  • Focus on a loved one’s good health, safety, and well-being.
  • Make dependable decisions regarding a family’s long-term care needs while keeping their goals in mind.
  • Offer viable financial solutions in paying for long-term care costs.

Regardless of their situation, memory care and care navigation planning offer Columbus, Ohio families the resources to manage their long-term care options and expenses. From reviewing existing insurance policies to exploring Medicaid eligibility options or filing veterans benefits claims, Jarvis Law Office has the necessary knowledge and experience to help clients identify financial solutions that are right for them. Schedule an appointment with one of our elder law attorneys experienced with dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s, and more at our firm today.

What Memory Care & Care Navigation Planning Entails

To protect what matters most, developing a comprehensive Memory Care or Care Navigation Plan involves identifying critical aspects of your loved one’s life that need careful attention, including:

Preferred living arrangements: Determining the right location for your loved one, whether aging in place, transitioning to an assisted living facility, nursing home, or moving into a specialized memory care community. Jarvis Law Office offers access to a Care Navigator who liaises between the family and the care centers.

Healthcare providers: Jarvis Law Office team members will help identify preferred care providers to meet your loved one’s needs and develop a client-focused care plan to maximize the quality of life for your loved one. Your care navigator will also advocate on your loved one’s behalf and coordinate communication among the care professionals involved in that care.

Legal documentation: Develop essential legal tools like advance directives, durable powers of attorney, trusts, and guardian and conservator appointments to ensure your loved one’s medical, financial, and personal decisions are always in the right hands.

From Your Current Home Or Assisted Living To Memory Care

Transitioning a loved one from their home or an assisted living center to memory care or another specialized care environment can be challenging. When you work with Jarvis Law Office, you gain a dedicated care navigator for guidance, resources, and advocacy to help you address important memory care planning considerations. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Research memory care communities and facilities to identify those that meet your loved one’s needs and preferences.
  • Visit potential communities, arrange a tour, meet with staff, and observe daily routines.
  • Discuss the transition with your loved one or close support system, including the benefits and the importance of specialized care.
  • Create a plan for the physical move, paying attention to details that can create a comfortable and familiar environment.

At Jarvis Law Office, our elder care attorneys and care navigators can diligently guide you and your loved one through these anticipated transitions to address your needs and concerns while helping you to prepare for the steps ahead.

Memory Care Planning — Protecting Families In Ohio

Memory care planning plays a vital role in ensuring the health, well-being, and legacy of seniors, especially those facing cognitive challenges such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, memory loss, or the impact of stroke or other neurological diagnoses.

Understanding that no two individuals or families are the same, we take a personalized approach to memory care planning to fulfill your loved one’s specific needs while maintaining their quality of life. Our compassionate professionals work closely with Columbus families to develop a custom plan that addresses various aspects of a senior’s life—from legal and financial matters to healthcare decisions and choosing the right care center.

Jarvis Law Office understands the emotional and practical challenges faced by families with seniors grappling with memory problems. We offer unmatched support while navigating the often-complex world of memory care planning, giving families the confidence and peace of mind that their loved one’s interests are being looked after.

With a singular focus on protecting seniors’ health, well-being, and legacy, Jarvis Law Office is the go-to service provider for any family seeking the experience and support needed to handle the unique challenges of memory care planning. Fill out our online form or call us at (740) 640-6617 to schedule an appointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Memory care planning is a specialized approach to addressing the unique needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. It’s important because as the population ages, more families are affected by these cognitive disorders. Proper memory care planning ensures that a loved one receives appropriate care and protection while addressing legal and financial aspects such as estate planning, long-term care options, and asset protection.

Jarvis Law specializes in elder law, including memory care planning, estate planning, and asset protection. Our firm can guide you through creating a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique situation that addresses memory care’s medical, legal, and financial aspects. We’ll assist you in finding appropriate long-term care options and help you create asset protection strategies to ensure your loved one’s well-being.

It’s never too early to consider memory care planning. The sooner you begin, the more options you’ll have to ensure the best possible outcome for your family member. It’s especially crucial if your loved one has been diagnosed with early-stage dementia or Alzheimer’s, as early planning can help avoid unnecessary stress and complications later on.

Several critical legal documents should be in place for an effective memory care plan. These include durable powers of attorney for finances and healthcare (which designate trusted individuals as decision-makers), HIPAA releases (allowing access to medical information), living wills, and trusts (providing instructions on managing assets). Jarvis Law can help draft these documents according to your family’s needs.

When selecting nursing home care and facilities with memory care units, consider your loved one’s medical and personal needs, as well as the facility’s eligibility requirements, credentials, staff qualifications, and overall environment. Research and visit multiple nursing homes and inquire about their memory care programs. Additionally, consider the financial aspects and evaluate your long-term care insurance or Medicaid benefits to understand which facilities align with your budget. Jarvis Law can help guide you through this process and ensure that you make informed decisions.

Please note that the information provided here is general in nature and should not be considered legal advice. It is recommended to consult with an attorney from Jarvis Law Office to obtain personalized advice based on your specific circumstances.

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